Sex Trafficking Course Launched

Sex trafficking is becoming a bigger problem for Southern California and the United States in the last year.   Unfortunately, we are seeing a huge increase in student victims.  In an effort to help schools prevent sex trafficking on their campus and keep students safe, we have launched our newest course – Sex Trafficking in Schools.  Read more about Sex Trafficking Course Launched[…]

What is the purpose of the school board?

Loudoun County epitomizes the off-the-rails thinking going on in many parts of the United States right now. Critical thinking skills anyone? After two years of students learning from home, the school board is focusing on evoking a full-on war with parents.  Asking the for SWAT to be present at every school board meeting.   A prime Read more about What is the purpose of the school board?[…]

How Cities can recoup money post COVID-19

States are decimated and cities, well they are even worse off.  With the Federal Government super-gluing large heavy chains to the money, they will give States, many cities are looking for ways to make up their shortfalls.  If cities want to regain their lost revenues and fill up the coffers quickly, there really is only Read more about How Cities can recoup money post COVID-19[…]

Bike Routes without Bike Paths – Double Trouble

We hear it often – save the environment, ride a bike.  As COVID continues to ravage American cities and group transport, bikes will become a more favorable option of travel.  And that means safe routes to schools, bike paths and bike routes should be one of our priorities in making our cities and schools safer. Read more about Bike Routes without Bike Paths – Double Trouble[…]

COVID is not a Black Swan event

Who could have predicted COVID?  Just about any risk manager worth their salt.  The producers of the movie Contagion in 2011 did an outstanding job of foreshadowing the events that are unfolding today.  So, why are we clambering to call this a black swan?  Simple, it provides a scapegoat for system-wide failures. If there is Read more about COVID is not a Black Swan event[…]

Not another failed respirator manufacturer

In the midst of all this COVID, respirators are all the rage. Unfortunately, not many people truly understand the respirator. First things first. You can’t wear it with a beard. I keep seeing bearded men walking around grocery stores with respirators. Sorry, it doesn’t work. Advertisers are coming up with hot tactical releases that show Read more about Not another failed respirator manufacturer[…]

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