How to solve the biggest bird problem – simple use lasers

Birds are beautiful creatures.  They help keep the environment in balance, make for great viewing, and for some of us, great hunting.  However, as a risk manager we know that birds can wreak havoc.  Birds love to nest and as with most living things, they love to eat and do their business (bodily functions).  When birds nest in open bays of bus garages or public works corporation yards the bodily functions can lead to some pretty toxic work environments.

Over the years, I have encountered several work areas which had become overrun by birds and their waste.  And over the years, I have tried several solutions, from owls to hawks to electronic game calls and even netting.  Netting has probably produced the most remarkable results, but requires a lot of maintenance.

The newest solution – lasers

Yes, lasers of all things seem to create a flight (instead of fight) response in birds.  The genius behind this technology is Steinar Henskes and his company the Bird Control Group.  Mr. Henskes discovered that birds see lasers much differently than humans – mainly that they see them as dangerous.  He harnessed this knowledge and created some pretty amazing devices to keep birds at bay or more appropriately out-of-the-bay.  Check out the ground version here.

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