Morning rituals – are they good for ergonomics?

Here’s the cold hard truth – successful people have good, healthy, morning rituals.  And those morning rituals are done each and every day.  And the other side of that coin, which none of us want to acknowledge, is that most of us have never stopped to think about our morning rituals, what they say about us and how our poor morning routine affects our health and overall success.  Regardless of your morning ritual, whether focused solely on work or being a better person, I think we can all attest that a little bit of exercise is paramount to our success.  So, why don’t we as risk managers suggest to our fellow employees that they take a few “healthy living” minutes each morning to prepare themselves for the day’s adventure?

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In January, I started working on my personal morning ritual – which includes meditation, focus exercises, physical exercise, stretching, giving thanks (gratitude) and catching up on industry news. After several months of getting on board with the ritual,  I found that performing stretching was greatly improving my ergonomic posture, reducing discomfort in my wrists and shoulders and many other benefits.  Then I just had to ask myself, why isn’t this something that we are suggesting to our employees and giving them time in the morning to do?

Construction firms do it, sports teams do it, and the research is there to support it.  It will certainly help reduce ergonomic injuries. So, why aren’t we doing it?

Here’s the challenge

Okay, I am throwing down the challenge.  Here it is.  Implement a simple 3 to 5 minute morning ritual period where employees simply do a few ergonomic stretches. Make it part of the morning ritual.  Before they check email, voicemail (who does that anymore?) shuffle papers and all the other junk.  And to help you implement this morning ergo stretch ritual, we are giving you free access to our video stretches on

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