A bracelet that saves workers lives

When it comes to being killed, electricity is has a pretty high success rate, especially when working around high voltage.  I vowed 18 years ago never to do electrical work again after barely surviving a fight with 220. But a lot of guys can’t stop working with electricity; its just part of the job.  The good news is that high tech is taking on high voltage and it may be a fight where high tech has the odds in its favor.

The boys up North, Proxxi, have created a new app-connected bracelet to warn workers when they get too close to electricity.  I like the concept. And, while I originally wrote that it relied on the phone, I was corrected by Proxxi directly.  It does not rely on the phone directly.   You can see their reply down below.  But it appears that they have thought about everything and created this as a standalone device.   In the meantime, check out Proxxi and some of the other up and coming safety tech.

Proxxi saves workers from getting electrocuted

My original incorrect statement ” Unfortunately, there is only one thing that I don’t much care for and that is the dependence on the phone.  Too many things wear down batteries.  I would much rather see this device act as a stand-alone product with a 3-day battery supply.”

2 thoughts on “A bracelet that saves workers lives

  • Hey, thanks for the kind words on Proxxi. Just FYI, the band does not rely on the phone to protect the worker. It uses the phone to change the settings and to get data from the band.

    You are totally correct that relying on the phone for core safety applications is just too risky. Proxxi is a stand-alone solution that augments its functions with the phone.

    • Campbell, thanks for the feedback and update on the system. If you work for Proxxi, I would love to have you on our Risk Control Show to talk more about it. Let me know.

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