Another reason to use WeTip

It never ceases to amaze me how stingy people are with money and how quick they are to make promises that they can’t keep.  On Thursday, April 25th, 2013 the Daily Breeze reported on the reward status of the Christopher Dorner case.  If you don’t recall who Christopher Dorner was, let me remind you of the awful terror he reigned on Los Angeles.  Mr. Dorner was the former police officer who went on a shooting spree killing police officers and hid out in Big Bear Lake where he ultimately took his life.   The Daily Breeze reported that 2 months have passed and the authorities still don’t have the $1 million for the reward nor do they know how to distribute the funds.  Frankly, I think it is a crime to make false statements such as these.  People risk their lives when they make tips to “confidential” hotlines and they should be rewarded accordingly.  And that is why I sit on the Advisory Board of WeTip, Inc. and recommend them readily.

WeTip is a non-profit, anonymous crime reporting hotline.   And the one thing they don’t do is make false promises.  Their rewards are ready to go the moment they issue the statement.  They have a unique way of ensuring that those individuals that report tips are rewarded – anonymously.  There is no holding back reward money and taking months to determine who should get what.  Up to $1 million reward, 5 tips = easy $200,000 a piece.  Rewards are issued and distributed anonymously.

When it comes to tip lines, you want to use a tip line that doesn’t damage your reputation.  One that increases your credibility in the community and helps stop criminals.  One sure fire way to do damage is not to give out the rewards you promised.  It’s like gambling with your friends at a friendly house poker game – make good on your bets or you won’t have any friends.   That’s why I recommend WeTip and think you should use them too.

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