How to Do Ergonomics Right

It’s the program everyone loves to hate. It takes a lot of work, and the benefits aren’t always clear. I am speaking about ergonomics, the science of fitting the workplace to the individual. Most agencies implement an ergonomics program to benefit their employees and lower worker’s compensation costs. These programs, though, are as piecemeal and Read more about How to Do Ergonomics Right[…]

can of worms

How to start using ergonomics

Ergonomics has been around in a serious capacity for more than 20 years. In most instances, it’s a dreaded program filled with expensive equipment, evaluations, and unhappy employees.  Honestly, it’s a can of worms, so be careful if you open it.  Unfortunately, it’s also a necessary evil.  So, here are a few tips for dancing Read more about How to start using ergonomics[…]

Do door handles cause carpal tunnel?

Door handles – a new carpal tunnel hazard? When it comes to ergonomics everything matters, including door handles.  For years I have been preaching to anyone that will listen that we need to really evaluate our software programs to see the number of keystrokes that programs require.  Less keystrokes the better.  The same goes for Read more about Do door handles cause carpal tunnel?[…]

6 great foods to get rid of carpal tunnel

  How to get rid of carpal tunnel Inflammation! It’s the key problem in the body and especially as it relates to cancer and carpal tunnel. Stop inflammation and you help stop carpal tunnel. Dr. Agus tells us to control inflammation in the body to lead a healthy life. So, here’s some foods that help Read more about 6 great foods to get rid of carpal tunnel[…]