Phase III is here – Safe At Work

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Phase III which is the return to the office.  The good news is that May 15th is drawing near and many of us are excited to get into the office.  The better news is that we as risk managers, get to showcase our knowledge and level of Read more about Phase III is here – Safe At Work[…]

COVID-19 – How to prepare for return of students and workforce

We are in a serious time, but the worst has not yet come.  The easy part is locking everything down, isolating and quartining.  The hard part is re-opening schools, cities, and businesses.  When that time comes, which no dobut it will, you need to have cleaning procedures in place.  You can’t clean as students are Read more about COVID-19 – How to prepare for return of students and workforce[…]

Bird Flu Flys Again – H7N9 is deadly

What every emergency manager has been waiting for is finally here.  The moment when he or she gets to tell you – “I told you so…”  Yes, it’s true, avian flu is back and this time it  is more powerful than ever.  On April 1, 2013 the a new strain of avian flu was reported Read more about Bird Flu Flys Again – H7N9 is deadly[…]

Is hand sanitizer destroying students’ muscles?

When H1N1 hit the scene, many people rushed to the store to buy large quantities of hand sanitizer.  Some districts spent thousands of dollars to provide all students with personal hand sanitizer packets.  Companies rushed to outfit schools with bulk dispensers at every turn. What happened next was amazing.  Schools shocked to find out that Read more about Is hand sanitizer destroying students’ muscles?[…]

H1N1 and Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

There exists a panic among families across the United States about H1N1 affecting their children.  The typical response has been to provide alcohol hand sanitizer to students and children across the U.S.  However, the biggest concern with any hand sanitizer is – will it work? First, if we are considering placing alcohol hand sanitizers in Read more about H1N1 and Alcohol Hand Sanitizer[…]