Playground Preservation 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Banishing Rust

Playgrounds are the heart of childhood, but the unseen enemy, rust, can compromise their structural integrity and visual appeal. In this instructional guide, we break down the insights shared by Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta of Wilmes, LLC in their video about tackling rust on playgrounds. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your playgrounds remain Read more about Playground Preservation 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Banishing Rust[…]

Spark creativity in your students with these playgrounds

Most of us like to think that the United States is the most advanced country in the world.  And while that may be true in some aspects, we can still learn a lot from other cultures.  Japan is known for making things fun and creative and their playgrounds are no exception. Kito Fujio is a Read more about Spark creativity in your students with these playgrounds[…]

playground audit and inspection picture

What is the center of the playground grasping device?

Playgrounds can be a blast and horizontal (monkey bars) ladders are a lot of fun too.  Unfortunately, a horizontal ladder installed above 84 inches can quickly lead to broken arms and other injuries, especially if those ladders go unsupervised.  As any good risk manager would tell you, get out there and measure those monkey bars.  Read more about What is the center of the playground grasping device?[…]

Are inflatables too dangerous?

Injuries on inflatable bouncers has increased 15 fold from 1995 to 2010 according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. To read the abstract or get the full article, click Inflatables have always been a source of injuries, but the number of injuries has risen from 702 a year to more than 11,000.  Those Read more about Are inflatables too dangerous?[…]

ASTM F1487 changes playground requirements

New ASTM F 1487-11 Standard ASTM Standard F1487-11 is here and if you haven’t yet read it, you should. There are multiple changes in this standard from the previous versions and many will affect your playgrounds.  So, you’re probably saying to yourself,  but wait just a minute there – we use the CPSC Handbook 325 Read more about ASTM F1487 changes playground requirements[…]

Playground Grant Listing

Budgets are tight and money is hard to find.  Here’s a little list to help ease the pain.  We will keep adding to this list as time goes on, so check back often.   Miracle Kaboom Landscape Structures BYO Little Tykes American Academy of Dermatology Walmart Finish Line Hasbro Boundless Playgrounds Peaceful Playground LEGO

Where is playground supervision required?

California has adopted playground safety regulations.  They are hidden in an unlikely place – Title 22 Social Services.  Why California did not place it in Health & Safety Code is beyond comprehension. California Title 22 Section 65745 addresses the issue of supervision by referring it to the CPSC Handbook Publication #325, Subsection 6.4.  This particular Read more about Where is playground supervision required?[…]