Don’t Change Run, Hide, Fight There has been a recent discussion about whether Run, Hide, Fight is outdated. We’re here to assure you it is not. Run, Hide, Fight is the standard FBI protocol established as the proper response to an active shooter event. In this concept, you must decide to run, hide, or fight from or against an Read more about Don’t Change Run, Hide, Fight[…]

SB 906 And Its Potential Impact On Schools

  California is preparing to enact a new law to help safeguard school sites from students intending to commit homicidal violence. The Legislature passed SB 906 last year, and Gov. Newsom signed it into law in July 2022. This new law would require 6th through 12th-grade school officials to report any students who make homicidal Read more about SB 906 And Its Potential Impact On Schools[…]

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