Common objections to wearing hearing protection

Objections to wearing hearing protection

Overcoming objections is hard enough, but when it comes to safety personal protective equipment, those objections can be twice as hard.  The good news is there aren’t unlimited objections to deal with.  Just a few and once you get a handle on those, you can over come just about every objection that arises.

Here’s the top 10

  • I don’t need them, I am used to noise
  • Hearing protection is uncomfortable
  • I don’t want the dirt from my hands to get in my ears
  • I forgot to put them in
  • I can’t get them to work with my hard hat
  • I can always get a hearing aide

Having trouble thinking of a response to those objections?  Not to worry.  To help you with overcoming those hearing protection objections, Howard Leight has put together a great document addressing their years of experience.

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