COVID-19 – How to prepare for return of students and workforce

We are in a serious time, but the worst has not yet come.  The easy part is locking everything down, isolating and quartining.  The hard part is re-opening schools, cities, and businesses.  When that time comes, which no dobut it will, you need to have cleaning procedures in place.  You can’t clean as students are walking back into the school.  It must be up and ready to receive them.  Let’s look at how to prepare your agency for the return of students and staff

A Big Job

The job will be big.  So big that deep wet cleaning is not going to cut it.  It will take way too long to clean all the surfaces.  You will need a bigger approach.  Enter the fogger.  There are several medical grade, EPA registered foggers on the market today like SaniGuard Start by fogging all your facilities.

Time to Get Wet

Next, a good thorough wet wiping is essential.  You will need to wipe down all surface and leave the sanitizing solution on the surfaces for the proper dwell time.  This will require lots of clean rags and lots of sanitizing solution such as EPA registered bleach and water.


Follow this up with a good HEPA vaccumming. You will need to change out the filters often. Make sure that you are collecting these filters in designated waste.  Immediately place in a trash bag, close and seal the bag.

Double Down

Next do step 2 and 3 again.  Wet wipe and vaccumm.  Make sure you are sanitizing contact sports mats like wrestling, cleaning interiors of lockers, desk drawers, vending machines and freezers.  Get everything.  Leave no space untouched.

DPR and the EPA’s ridiculous training requirements

Can you scream overboard?  I can and I will.  The pesticide regulation on training to use disinfectant wipes is ridiculous.  People are using them in mass at home and outside of schools.  One of the reasons we are in this mess is because of obessive compulsive overzealous risk management.  Schools have pulled out these simple, effective wipes becuase the training requirements were too punitive.  And that means that the schools have become a germ factory.  While I don’t encourage you to forgo the training requirements for disinfectant wipes, in this State of Emergency, if you need to get things cleaned, hold a quick training on the proper PPE and remind people to not eat the wipe and then get to cleaning.  For the love of goodness people swim  in and drink more chlorinated water.


Another word of caution here, is use the proper PPE.  When fogging, use your respirator.  When cleaning use gloves and safety googles and rubber boots and apron.

Final Note

Have fun, be safe and put on some good music.  Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before eating, touching your face or entering your vehicle and home.

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