COVID Reality – Stop watching the news

If there is one thing that is certain, the Media knows how to confuse and create havoc among the people.  In this Post-COVID world, media and so-called experts are still swinging back and forth faster than a metronome.

I only have one piece of advice for you – stop watching the news.

Recently I was training a group of workers coming back to school for the first time since COVID struck.  The questions were wild.  Here was a group of people that have been thru BBP, HazComm, ATD, Respiratory Protection and a myriad of other trainings, lost their confidence in their knowledge.  Sitting around the house listening to non-experts spew fear got to them.  They lost their understanding.  Today, I want to remind you that you know all there is to know about staying safe.  COVID is not different from other viruses or aersols that you protect yourself from.

The CDC and WHO have gone back and forth on whether COVID is an aersol and transmissible thru the air.  Let’s use Arkham’s Razor theory here.  We assume that COVID is not a weaponized virus, then it would have to be transmitted via one of the four methods of entry into the body – injection, ingestion, absorption or inhalation.  Most people are not injecting themselves with anything, most people are not sharing food or drinks at this time.  And most people are making contact with other people, so just how would COVID be transmitted to others?  Inhalation.  Hence the masks.  Hence it is transmissible thru the air.  Hence it is an ATD – like other flus.  Let’s face reality here even for a brief second.  COVID is being passed from human to human at a time when most people are not in contact with each other, having sex with each other or sharing food.

There are only two simple explanations here.  One is thru the air.  The second is a weaponized virus that was rained down upon the world and absorbed into the skin.  The simple, Arkham’s Razor, answer here is ATD.  It is transmissible via the air.  Wear your mask!


Let’s look at the second issue here.  Again, back and forth by the WHO and CDC.  Wearing a mask will and will not protect you.  This one is so silly it is hard to believe that people buy into it.  Respirators have been shown time and time again to filter out/protect you from dust, pollens, viruses, toxins, solvents, and other ATD’s.  So, why would a respirator be any different when dealing with the COVID virus.  Every health care worker is using one when treating patients, so again, why would one not work for you?

The follow up is that you don’t need to cover your nose when wearing your mask.  There are only so many routes into the human body and the nose is one of them.  Leaving your nose open to the ATD is a sure fire way to breathe in the virus.   The analogy is simple.  You have to put your hand in a vat of acid, so you put on a rubber glove, but before you put you hand in you cut off the thumb of the glove.  Do you think your thumb will receive an acid burn?  Of course!  Cover your nose.

The bottom line here is that the news and media sources have made a mess of COVID.  These sources are looking for clickbait and pushing fear.  Don’t buy into it.  Use good safety practices and solid risk management tactics and you will keep you and your staff safe.  See our article on the 2nd Wave.

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