Creating Trust in Risk Management

I recently encountered a prominent example of the importance of trust in risk management.

One of our clients received a legal complaint about an unsafe condition at one of their sites. They asked me to perform an audit. When I arrived at the site, the individual showing me around revealed that they had made the complaint.

This brought me up short. Here was a worker tasked with the care of this site, but rather than addressing it internally with the organization, chose to make an official complaint.

I had to wonder what the breakdown was. Was an internal complaint made and it was not corrected? Or was it that the worker didn’t trust anything would be done?

Trust between staff and risk management is crucial to workplace safety. The workers themselves usually identify safety hazards. They then inform their supervisors and risk managers who respond with hazard corrections. But for this to work, the workers must believe that alerting risk management of the hazard will lead to the correction.

So how is trust between staff and risk management at your agency? Watch our video as Matt and I break down why trust is so critical to the safe operation of your worksites.

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