Don’t Let Your Phone System Bring Down Your Emergency Plan

Technology constantly changes, but change doesn’t always mean for the better. I often wonder if tech designers ever get out in the field and hear feedback from their clients. Or even better, do they ever work in the field and have to use their own equipment? Sometimes what seems like a great idea in concept turns out to be less so in practice.

For example, take commercial phone systems. Phones used to be very simple. You would pick up the phone and dial the number or extension to make a call. That’s it. Now phone systems are much more complicated. The simplest of functions is now turned into a programming nightmare. These phone functions are crucial in an emergency, such as an active shooter event. If you must spend precious seconds figuring out how to use the phone, that time could be the difference between life and death.

Watch our video as Matt and I get into how this could be a huge problem.

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