Not another failed respirator manufacturer

In the midst of all this COVID, respirators are all the rage. Unfortunately, not many people truly understand the respirator. First things first. You can’t wear it with a beard. I keep seeing bearded men walking around grocery stores with respirators. Sorry, it doesn’t work.

Advertisers are coming up with hot tactical releases that show people wearing them with a beard.  They say they are using surgical silicone and the like.  But the bottom line is that without the ANSI stamp of approval none of these statements mean a thing.  So don’t make a mistake like the State of Utah and purchase unproven, unapproved equipment just yet.  If they make it thru the ANSI approval process and ANSI says you can wear it with a beard, then all systems go, but I wouldn’t bet on black in this game of roulette.

All pictures are courtesy of HiConsumption

Breathe Easy In Any Conditions With Project Black’s TR2 Tactical Respirator


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