Phase III is here – Safe At Work

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Phase III which is the return to the office.  The good news is that May 15th is drawing near and many of us are excited to get into the office.  The better news is that we as risk managers, get to showcase our knowledge and level of professionalism.  So, hats off to all of you.

What is your plan

I am certain, that as an avid reader of our newsletter, you already have a written Safe-At-Work plan that encompasses all the key elements of returning to the office.  If not, I have one for you that we would be happy to share.  So, what is your plan?  Everyone comes into the office, staggered shifts, how will you handle service providers, meetings, and the like?

Here are a few sections I think you should cover in your plan:

  • Entering the building
  • U.S. Mail
  • Package delivery
  • Use of common machines
  • Handwashing
  • Meetings
  • Work hours
  • Calling in sick
  • COVID-19 exposures

Training is a must

Remember what CalOSHA Title 8, Section 3203 reads in the training section.  A new hazard is a component of the training requirements.   Don’t overlook this key component.  Once you have your written plan in place you should develop a training program to ensure that everyone returning to the office is fully aware of the plan and what to do.

To COVID-19 or Not COVID-19

To be all about COVID-19 or simply a general written plan that addresses all types of pathogens in the workplace is the question we must answer.  While the short term Safe-At-Work plan should certainly focus on COVID-19 their components of the plan that you may wish to carry into the post-COVID-19 world.  Consider this element now and I recommend that you do incorporate the post-COVID components in the plan now.

Good luck and happy writing from our team to yours.  Let me know if you need some assistance.


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