Playground Preservation 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Banishing Rust

Playgrounds are the heart of childhood, but the unseen enemy, rust, can compromise their structural integrity and visual appeal. In this instructional guide, we break down the insights shared by Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta of Wilmes, LLC in their video about tackling rust on playgrounds. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your playgrounds remain safe, rust-free havens for kids.

  1. Identify High-Risk Areas: Begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your playground equipment. Focus on joint points, especially welds, where rust is most likely to develop. Take note of any inconsistencies or imperfections in the welding.
  2. Understand Welding Techniques: Familiarize yourself with different welding techniques, as highlighted by the hosts. Recognize that shoddy welding can create openings for moisture, leading to rust. This understanding is crucial for informed decision-making during maintenance.
  3. Establish Preventative Maintenance Schedules: Develop a routine preventative maintenance schedule. Regularly inspect the welds, cleaning up any existing rust, and applying a rust inhibitor. Plan these activities when children aren’t present to ensure safety during maintenance.
  4. Use Manufacturer-Approved Products: Opt for quality when selecting cleaning and repainting products. Stick to manufacturer-approved options to guarantee compatibility and effectiveness. This step ensures that the equipment not only looks good but also remains structurally sound.
  5. Demand Quality from Manufacturers: Take an active stance by demanding high-quality welding from equipment manufacturers. Prioritize suppliers who adhere to consistent and smooth welding techniques. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the risk of rust-related issues.
  6. Be Proactive in Rust Prevention: Actively monitor weather conditions and address rust promptly. Understand the impact of moisture on rust formation and schedule maintenance accordingly. Being proactive in preventing rust ensures a longer life for your playground equipment.
  7. Consider Aesthetic Appeal: Recognize the aesthetic impact of rust on playgrounds. Like a spot in a beautiful restaurant restroom, rust can detract from the overall experience. Incorporate routine maintenance not just for safety but also for the visual appeal of the site.


By following these instructional steps, you can become a playground preservation expert, ensuring that rust doesn’t compromise the safety or aesthetics of these vital spaces. Join the movement to banish rust from our playgrounds and create vibrant, joyous environments for children to play in for years to come.

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