742. Navigating the Big Nine: Understanding and Preventing Food Allergies

The Risk Control Show
The Risk Control Show
742. Navigating the Big Nine: Understanding and Preventing Food Allergies

Welcome back to The Risk Control Show, where Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta bring you another insightful episode, diving deep into the world of risk management and loss control. In this episode, titled “Navigating the Big Nine,” Steve and Matt explore the critical topic of food allergies and how they impact various environments, particularly in public service areas like schools.

The episode kicks off with a quiz as Matt successfully recalls the Big Nine food allergens recognized by the Food and Drug Administration. The discussion unfolds to shed light on why understanding these allergens is crucial, especially in environments where individuals may be exposed without their knowledge.

Matt, recently recertified for food safety training, shares valuable insights into the importance of proper food preparation and sourcing, emphasizing the significance of these practices in reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Steve draws attention to the role of EpiPens in emergency situations and the challenges associated with their accessibility in school settings. The duo provides practical tips for preventing food allergies, offering actionable strategies for communication, utensil separation, storage, and designated allergy-free areas.

As the episode concludes, Steve invites listeners to subscribe to the podcast for more engaging discussions on risk management. They tease an upcoming keg party for subscribers, showcasing their commitment to creating an interactive and informed community.

Whether you’re in the education sector or the food service industry, this episode provides valuable insights into creating safer environments and reducing the risks associated with food allergies. Tune in, subscribe, and join Steve and Matt on their mission to navigate the complexities of risk management.

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