743. Navigating the Nanny State

The Risk Control Show
The Risk Control Show
743. Navigating the Nanny State

Welcome back to The Risk Control Show with Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta! In this insightful episode, Steve shares his recent kick-butt training experience, sparking a conversation about hazard communication and a surprising “nanny state” comment from a trainee.

Join Steve and Matt as they delve into examples of nanny state regulations, exploring the delicate balance between government oversight and individual freedoms, using anecdotes and real-life examples from their risk management careers.

The hosts dissect the infamous hot coffee lawsuit against McDonald’s, examining the consequences of personal responsibility and corporate accountability. They reflect on the challenges in safety training, emphasizing the need for proactive employee involvement in workplace safety.

But that’s not all! Steve and Matt reveal exciting announcements of upcoming events – tea parties and cigar parties! A chance for listeners to connect with the hosts beyond safety regulations.

Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on the “nanny state,” freedom, and the complexities of maintaining a safe and free society. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and join the conversation on wilmes.co and @wilmesllc on social media.

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