745. Understanding OSHA Complaints vs Citations – The Risk Control Show with Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta

The Risk Control Show
The Risk Control Show
745. Understanding OSHA Complaints vs Citations - The Risk Control Show with Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta

In this episode of The Risk Control Show, hosts Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta dive deep into the nuanced world of OSHA complaints versus citations. With their signature blend of expertise and humor, Steve and Matt unravel the complexities of these two critical components of workplace safety compliance.

Steve kicks off the episode with a rapid-fire overview, setting the stage for Matt to delve into the specifics. Matt breaks down the process, explaining how complaints serve as the initial trigger for OSHA investigations, which can lead to citations if violations are found. The duo explores the importance of handling OSHA visits with care and provides valuable insights into navigating the inspection process.

As the discussion unfolds, Steve shares his firsthand experiences dealing with OSHA complaints and citations, offering practical advice on responding effectively and avoiding potential pitfalls. He emphasizes the significance of internal communication and fostering a culture of safety within organizations.

Throughout the episode, Steve and Matt underscore the critical role of proactive risk management in safeguarding employees and avoiding costly penalties. Drawing on their extensive expertise in risk control and compliance, they provide actionable strategies for addressing safety concerns and maintaining OSHA compliance.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of The Risk Control Show to gain invaluable insights into OSHA complaints and citations, and learn how to protect your organization from regulatory risks.


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