Don’t blow on this flute – Flutes Across The World

Tuesday Thoughts with Steve
Tuesday Thoughts with Steve
Don't blow on this flute - Flutes Across The World

Episode Transcript:

Hey, it’s Steve Wilmes and welcome to another episode of Tuesday Thoughts with me. Today we’re talking about Flutes Across the World, which is a program that is brought into schools, if you’ve been watching the news you’ve probably seen this. I apologize if we’re a little behind on this because we’ve been focusing in on the mass shooting in Vegas and I want to get this out because this is again, disturbing and another thing that really got me thinking about what are we not doing properly. So, if you haven’t heard there are some allegations that person had distributed flutes, the musical instrument, through Flutes Across the World and it contained bodily fluids, mainly semen, from one of the persons that was distributing these flutes and it’s under investigation at this time and it is an allegation at this time. So, the point that was raised in my mind was what are we doing for background checks and due diligence and how come we have this disconnect where we constantly want to bring in these programs and resources and donations into our school but risk management is never involved.

So, I wanted to go through a few things with you that can help you avoid these types of situations in the future, number one and I’ve talked about this a lot in the past on blog posts and other podcast episodes, establish rapport with your school sites. Many of our districts have asked me to go out and I do and they never know who they risk manager is or they don’t get the communications or they have no idea what’s going on. So, it tells me that you’re not out at the sites doing what you’re supposed to do which is building a relationship with those sites so that they know who you are and that they can rely on you and that you’re going to honor your word, do what you say you’re going to do in a timely manner and actually help them. So, that’s number 1, you have to get out and build that rapport.

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