Revolutionizing CPR Training: Chest Compressions, Tech Upgrades, and Hygiene Hacks Unveiled!

Introduction: In the latest episode of The Risk Control Show, Steve Wilmes and Matt Kieta delve into the dynamic world of CPR training, exploring the evolution from traditional methods to cutting-edge technology. From the effectiveness of chest compressions to advancements in training tools and the crucial importance of hand hygiene, this episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in risk management and safety.


  1. CPR Evolution: Chest Compressions Take Center Stage The hosts kick off the discussion by highlighting the shift in focus from rescue breaths to chest compressions in CPR training. They emphasize the effectiveness of compressions alone, shedding light on the studies that led to this change in approach. The conversation provides valuable insights for those looking to understand the latest trends in life-saving techniques.
  2. Tech Advancements: Illuminated CPR Dummies and Tourniquet Training Steve and Matt introduce viewers to the exciting world of CPR training technology. They discuss the features of illuminated CPR dummies, showcasing how these tools simulate real-life scenarios and offer immediate feedback. The hosts also touch upon the significance of tourniquet training, especially in high-risk environments, providing a sneak peek into the latest equipment.
  3. Hygiene Hacks: Handwashing and the Fight Against Germs The hosts take a humorous yet impactful turn as they share personal experiences and frustrations about the lack of hand hygiene in public spaces. Steve passionately calls out the importance of washing hands, especially in the context of recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Their entertaining banter drives home the message of personal responsibility in maintaining cleanliness.
  4. Promoting Dollar Training Club: Affordable Learning for Safety Enthusiasts Steve and Matt inform their audience about the Dollar Training Club, a hub for affordable and comprehensive safety courses. They share details about the diverse courses available, covering topics such as forklift operation, aerial work, rigging certification, and sexual harassment prevention. The hosts invite viewers to take advantage of the seven-day trial for just a dollar.
  5. Bisbee, Arizona Adventure: The Risk Control Show Hits the Road The hosts wrap up the episode by announcing their upcoming presence in Bisbee, Arizona. They express excitement about potential collaborations and hint at the possibility of conducting a live First Aid CPR course during their visit.

Conclusion: In this engaging and informative episode, Steve and Matt manage to blend valuable insights with humor, making the topic of CPR training, technology, and hygiene not only educational but also entertaining. Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for more Risk Control adventures and to explore the Dollar Training Club for affordable and accessible safety education.

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