November 11, 2013


Our Risk Control calculators are designed to help you manage risk with ease.  Whether you are trying to determine if a safety project is going to save or cost you money or if you just need to know if that note you sent home makes the event school sponsored, we have a calculator for you.

School Valet Calculator

If you are setting up a School Valet Zone at your campus, this calculator will tell you how many staff you need, how much space you need, the number of cones and so on. All you need is the length of space you are considering, the number of students and staff and how many minutes you would like the drop-off and pick-up to take. Go to the Calculator

Emergency Team Member Calculator

Ever wonder how many people you should really put on your emergency team and what positions you should put them in? This little calculator can do that in a matter of a few seconds.  Go to the Calculator

Sharps Container Recommendations Calculator

Need to figure out how many sharps containers you should have on hand.  Use this handy calculator to find out. Go to calculator

Safety Cost Benefit Calculator

Trying to convince the boss that safety glasses are a good idea?   Want to give all your employees slip resistant shoes?  Use this calculator to determine if your project will pay off.   Go to calculator

School Sponsored Calculator

Want to know whether that swimming party is actually being sponsored by your District?  Use this calculator to find out if you are putting the District at risk for after school activities.  Go to calculator

Pesticide IPM Exemption Calculator

Need to know if applying those pesticides require you to follow Healthy Schools Act of 2000 regulations?  Go to calculator

School Emergency Supply Calculator

This handy-dandy calculator will tell you all the supplies you need to outfit your emergency operations.   The list is broken down by necessities, when time and money permits, and luxury items so you know what to focus on.  Just plug-in a few numbers and a few seconds later you have a supply shopping list.  Go to calculator

Home Emergency Supply Calculator

Don’t forget to stock your home and vehicle with emergency supplies.  Just drop in how many family members you have and this calculator will give you a complete list of emergency supplies.  Go to calculator

Work Comp Fraud Calculator

Ever have that feeling that one of your employees’ claims may need to be looked into?  This calculator will let you know if you should investigate the work comp claim.  Go to calculator

Health Benefits Eligibility Audit ROI Calculator

Each year, public agencies purchase health benefit plans for employees who have been let go or retired.  Find out if having your health benefit plans audited could save you money.  Go to calculator


Forklift Residual Capacity Calculator

Use the form below to calculate the approximate residual capacity of your forklift with a specified attachment.  Go to calculator