March 7, 2012

Security CPTED Audits

Making Your Facility Safe with CPTED

Crime prevention starts with making your facilities a hard target to hit.  How you do that is another matter.  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the ultimate tool in making your facility impervious to crime.  CPTED uses 4 principles, which are designed to prevent crime  and reduce the fear of crime.  When these four principles combine, the hardening effect multiples, making criminals ask themselves – is it worth it?  Stopping crime at first sight is the best strategy in the fight against crime.

Our Crime Prevention Team

Our team of safety and security professionals are trained in the latest crime prevention techniques, allowing us to provide you with quick and affordable solutions.  Using this philosophy allows you, the facility owner, to take action quickly and reduce crime immediately.  Our techniques are so effective, that we have advised other firms in the development of their CPTED audits.

The Security Audit Process

To ensure that you receive the maximum value of our crime prevention audit,  we have found that the following audit process works best for most organizations.  We start with a schedule of your properties, followed by an opening conference with the you.  We will then go to each facility, typically spending 15 to 20 minutes with the person in charge of that facility to determine what the current issues are.  Our facility inspection then begins, walking around the facility and then into key areas of the facility.  After we have completed all of the facility inspections, we will compile the final report and present those findings to you in a closing conference.


The four principles of Crime Prevention

These four principles are known as Natural Survelliance, Territorial Reinforcement, Maintenance, and Natural Access.

Natural Survelliance

Nautral Survelliance is the ability to see your facilities without obstructions.  The first thing that comes to mind is large shrubs and trees that block windows and doors.  Having a clean line of sight to and from your facility is key to preventing crime.

Natural Access

Natural Access is the ability to control who access your property, when they access your property and how they access your property.  Elements include: fencing, shrubs, guards and many others.


Maintenace, plain and simple, is taking care of your property.  Generally this is as simple as picking up trash, cleaning off tagging and the like.

Territorial Control

Territorial Control is concept of establishing boundaries to send the message that the property is not part of the public space.  It’s the line in the sand that tells people when you cross it, you are now on this facilities property.

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