September 1, 2012

Express Play – Playground Audits and Inspections

playground audits and inspections pictureExpress Play – Playground Audits and Inspections That Matter

Our Express Play inspections are designed to deliver comprehensive inspections in the most expedient manner possible.

We conduct playground audits and inspections for public an private schools, day care centers, public housing, hotels, and the like.  We only use Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI’s) who also have real world experience in risk control. This ensures that you get realistic audits that are going to reduce adverse liability.

Our Express Play audits compare your playgrounds to the compliance standards set forth in the CPSC Handbook 325 and the ASTM 1487-11 standards.

  • Thorough & Accurate Audits
  • Certified Inspectors
  • Certified Measuring Tools
  • World Class Software
  • Fastest Turnaround Times in the Industry
  • Affordable Pricing

Certified Tools

No make-shift tools here.  We only use certified tools to inspect and audit your playground. This means not only can you trust our findings, but you can take them to the bank too.

World Class Technology

Technology matters and we only use the best.  That technology allows us to get the job done quickly and accurately, so you can get back to business.

Same Day Thorough Reports

playground audits and inspections findingWaiting weeks or months to receive your playground audits and inspections findings, simply put, stinks. Our team of inspectors is equipped with the world’s best technology.  This technology allows us to conduct the field inspection, upload it to our quality assurance team and send it to you – all in the same day and many times in the same hour.  Imagine the power of being able to correct hazards the same or next day after an inspection is completed.  Nothing says to parents and the community that you care about the children more than being able to fix a hazard in a timely fashion.

Our reports are thorough, providing you with images of the site, images of any hazards and a detail of each piece of equipment inspected.

Sample Report – Click to enlarge

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