September 4, 2012

Risk Control Audit and Inspection Development

Risk Control Audit and Inspection Development servicsImagine the Possibilities

Imagine this – 36 site inspections, 1 inspector, 18 days, done.  Reports included.  Got 100 playgrounds to inspect and only 30 days to do it – no problem.   If you think it’s impossible, your not alone, but you will be surprised.  We make the impossible possible by combining today’s technology with our expertise to create the most comprehensive systems available.

  • Fast and reliable inspections
  • More inspections in less time
  • Report writing with the touch of a button
  • Automatically send reports via email to your clients or back to the boss
  • Customizable audit and inspections

More Time for Good Stuff

Let’s face it, writing reports can be mind numbing, not to mention it can cause great losses in productive hours and/or billing.  Most of the reporting writing time is consumed with downloading pictures, resizing pictures, looking for citations, remembering which picture went with which hazard and on and on and on.  By combining our audit and inspection checklists with today’s technology, we are able to instantly generate reports that can be sent  to your office before the inspector even leaves the site.  No more looking for pictures, no more notes on the side of a sheet of paper.  Just solid answers where the belong – on the report.  When your not sitting behind your desk, you have more time for making the world a safer place.

Customized Risk Control Audit and Inspection Development Services

10-point inspection or 400-point inspection, we make the inspection or audit fit your organization’s mission and business objectives.


Our audit and inspection services are designed to keep you on the go, with iPads, iPhones,  mobile applications, WiFi, and the latest technology behind you, you will wan to provide audit and inspections around the world.

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