March 7, 2012

Safety Audits

Seek to Understand

The first step in managing your risk, is understanding your risk.  Avoiding your risk isn’t enough.  Loss control and safety audits are a fundamental component to any risk management program.  Our safety audits give you insight into the items that cause losses and injuries for your organization.

Our Safety Audits

  • Simple, quick and to the point
  • More than just OSHA – ADA, Fire Code, Building Code, Education Code
  • Flexible – one, two or all of your facilities or processes
  • Solution oriented
  • Affordable

Not Your Grandfather’s Safety Audits

Keeping consistent with our core philosophy, our team of audit professionals are trained in much more than OSHA regulations.  Building Codes, ADA,  State Fire Marshal, Education Codes and many others make up the total picture of safety.  Our auditors are highly trained in the effects of unintended consequences – ensuring that hazards and their recommended corrective actions are going to solve your problem without creating new safety audits

Time is of the Essence

A good audit is a timely audit.  Places and faces change and so do operations.  Waiting months to receive results from your safety audit is the last thing you want or need.  Our safety audit process is designed to provide you with timely results, so you can correct deficiencies and get back to business.


Audits should be flexible, because your operations are flexible.  Whether you need a portion of your facilities, a single operation, one machine or your entire facility inspected, our auditors are here to assist you.

Reports that Matter

Nothing is worse than a report you can’t understand.  Reports should accomplish one goal – providing you with the information to abate the hazards.  We have designed our reports to provide you with simple to understand information, with pictures of the hazards, location and information and most important, solutions.

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