July 30, 2013

Williams Inspections (FIT) Facility Inspections

The Williams Settlement

In 2004, the Williams Case settled requiring schools to inspect their facilities annually to determine if their schools were in “Good Repair”.  The findings are required to be published in the SARC report annually.  As an outgrowth, the Office of Public School Construction developed a tool known as the FIT or Facility Inspection Tool to guide auditors through the process of evaluating school campuses.

Our Williams Inspections

Our facility inspections are designed to comply with Education Code and provide your district with information needed to complete your annual SARC reports.

  • Fast and accurate inspections
  • Simple to use reports
  • 2 flexible report styles
  • Compliance oriented
  • Reasonable cost


At Wilmes, LLC we are committed to flexibility that’s why we have two formats to choose from.  Our State Format uses the voluntary State recommended form.  Our Easy format uses the strength of our technology to provide you with simplified reports which results in cost-savings.  Both format are compliance oriented and satisfy State requirements.

Time and Cost Savings

Doing one thing well means time and cost savings. With budgetary constrains district staff typically don’t have time to complete these inspections.  Our staff focuses on Williams Inspections so you don’t have to.