November 24, 2013

Consulting Services

Controlling risk can be an overwhelming experience for even the seasoned risk manager.  It can drain you of energy and ideas.  Just because you are out of ideas, you are not out of options.  At Wilmes, we don’t avoid risk, we manage it!  And we can help you manage your risk.

Written Program Development, Review and Update

Complying with OSHA, Education Code and many of the other regulations, we can write plans that meet the requirements of the law and also fit the mission of your organization.  Learn more

Claims Analysis

Claims are the results of your risk management program.  Great claim numbers, great risk management program.  Poor numbers, you know the rest.   There’s much more to your claim profile than a loss run provided by your insurance carrier or TPA.

Claim File Review Oversight

Knowing the best course of action to take with an open claim can have dramatic results on your bottom line.  Our work comp specialist have years and years of experience in closing tricky claims.

Code Consulting

A risk control program has a multitude of regulations, codes, and policies that it must conform to.  Understanding the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, can mean the difference between managing risk and simply complying with laws.  Our risk control managers have years of experience reading code, interpreting code and giving it to you in an easy to understand language.

TPA transitions

When you find yourself at the crossroads of selecting a new firm to handle your claims, you want the transition to be easy for your staff, your employees and your new TPA.  We are able to help you package your claims and ensure that all of your employees receive the work comp benefits in the process.

Litigation Management Reviews

Managing a panel of attorneys may be more daunting that managing a student death case.  Our Director of Litigation and our team have managed thousands of cases and more than 40 law firms.   We have a unique understanding of the legal landscape covering California and how each attorney brings special skill sets to varying geographic areas of California.  Whether you need to review cases, law firms or the legal landscape, we can provide you with real-world advice on managing your litigation needs.

Custom Online Training Modules & Course Development

Putting online training  in your toolbox is fantastic, but not when you have 5 of the same tools in the box.  We realized long ago that the main issue schools and other organizations face is that they can’t get all their training needs in one place.  That’s why we develop online training modules that plug-in to your existing system.  We build the content, film the course, write the test and hand you a finalized electronic package.  View some of our courses or contact us to learn more.

Health and Safety Fair Planning

Managing risk means that you need to market the programs you have in place.  There’s no better way to do  that than hosting a health and safety fair for you staff.   We can assist you in bringing great vendors, programs and making the fair a place to be seen.

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