March 10, 2012

Comprehensive School Safety Plans

Safety Starts with School Safety Plans

Students shouldn’t be afraid to go to school.  Schools should be safe.  Having written comprehensive school safety plans  (CSSP) is the first step in creating an environment free from crime and the fear that it induces.  With the increase in violence being committed on school campuses and the downturn in the economy, the likelihood that schools will continue to be a target is increasing.  Without school safety plans, your chances of surviving the incident without deaths, injuries or damage to your career and reputation are certainly small.  Your comprehensive school safety plans are the starting point, the foundation upon which you build.wilmesllc offers lifetime support

Our team can assist you in writing, developing and implementing your school safety plans.

The old adage “It Won’t Happen Here”

We didn’t invent the quote – “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”, but we believe it rings true when it comes to CSSP’s.  Building a great plan means involving the key players from your school site and taking into consideration the environment in which the school site lies.  If you think that your school is immune from disasters and emergency events, then you may already be losing the battle.  Understanding the reality that any community may be subject to criminal acts, gives you the advantage of building a great plan and surviving any incident in tact.

Best Partners in the Industry

Understanding that schools face limited resources, we set out to build the best partnerships in the industry.  Our model school safety plans document is available to any member of Document Tracking Services (DTS) at minimal to no-cost. Why did we do this?  Because we believe that every child should have the opportunity to go to school, learn positive values and gain knowledge, and come home safe.


Elements of a CSSP

  • assess current status of school crime
  • child abuse reporting procedures
  • disaster procedures
  • expulsion procedures
  • notification of dangerous pupils
  • discrimination and harassment policy
  • dress code policy
  • safe ingress and egress
  • safe and orderly environment
  • rules on school discipline
  • guideline for mental health treatment after seeing violent acts (recommended)


*Lifetime support is offered to Clients who purchase CSSP plans from Wilmes, LLC. Certain limitations apply, call for details.

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