April 17, 2012

Emergency Exercise Evaluation Program

In this day and age, surviving an emergency is only half the battle.  Getting your organization up and running again is the challenge.  The answer lies in emergency exercise evaluations.

Success by Evaluation

The only way to ensure that the emergency response system you built works, is to test it.  Designing emergency exercises, whether drills, table tops or fully functional exercises, is a science.  Placing stress on certain parts of an emergency system until it breaks and then rebuilding it is the only way you will guarantee the success of your organization.  Our experts design emergency exercise evaluation that will test your limits or if you are new to the process, ease you into a working system. Either way, Wilmes, LLC can design an exercise evaluation program to meet your needs.emergency exercise evaluation program

Custom Emergency Exercise Evaluations

We have created custom evaluation packages to assist you in the rapid testing of your emergency response plans.  Simply tell us what type of scenario you would like to test (earthquake, gas leak, lock-down, etc…) and provide us with a few simple details and we will ship you an evaluation that fits your particular organization. Each custom packaged evaluation comes with participant scenarios (in sealed envelopes), drill observation checklist and an overall scenario checklist to ensure that all testing criteria were meet.  To learn more about our custom packaged evaluations, call us at 310.947.9348

On-Site Instructor Lead Evaluations

Reached the level where you want a professional evaluation of your exercise?  Our team of emergency management professionals can conduct on-site emergency exercise evaluations during your emergency exercises.  Providing this level of oversight can give you the depth and breadth to see many aspects of your plan unfolding at once allowing you to make rapid adjustments to your plans – so you can get back to business.


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