November 24, 2013

Safety Committee

Safety Committees can add great value to your safety and risk management program when properly designed and executed.  Our team has served on numerous committees, run even more and contributes to many each month.

Safety Committee Design

Having a great safety committee is the difference between putting people on the committee and inviting the right people to join your committee.  We can assist you in designing a great committee in compliance that knows how to execute and understands your mission.

Meeting Topics

Poorly designed meetings means only one thing – poor outcomes.  There is much more to safety meetings than going over the latest accidents.  We design meetings for you that take your organization on a journey to safer, accident free workplace.

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Note: In California, under Title 8, Section 3203, Safety Committees are not required, but if you choose to have a safety committee, then you must hold quarterly meetings 4 times per year.