Save your insurance policies for future SAM cases

SAM cases are on the rise

Sexual abuse and sexual molestation faces in schools are on the rise.  So much so that insurers and reinsurers don’t want to provide coverage for these types of cases much longer.  The cost is a norm is in its bankrupting our school system.  Recently, California passed a law that is wreaking havoc on school districts.  It states that a person has until the age of 40 to file a sexual abuse and sexual molestation claim against the school district or other public agency.  This is one factor that is contributing to the rise of SAM cases.

If you don’t have good record-keeping especially as it relates to your insurance policies then you may be forced to hire a forensic auditor to help find your insurance policies.  It’s important that you create a system.  And make sure that your tracking the right information.  Because finding a policy from 30 years ago is almost an impossible task.


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What information to track

It’s important that you track everything about your policy that you would need to quickly summon that agency.  This would include your limits, dates of enforcement, contact information, whether the policy covers this type of claim, and who your reinsurer may have been.

If you need assistance with this type of program, please feel free to reach out to us we be happy to help.


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