Do You Need A Medical Surveillance Program?

You may be surprised to learn that almost every organization needs a medical surveillance program. OSHA and Cal OSHA require a number of different safety and health programs. Many of these programs require annual or triannual reviews of the employees. The purpose of these reviews is to measure the impact of particular substances or hazards Read more about Do You Need A Medical Surveillance Program?[…]


Showers, cross-contamination and your safety

When it comes to Maintenance & Operations and Public Works, jobs get dirty – real dirty.  Sometimes you are covered in asbestos, lead or literally sh*t.  What you do after you are covered in the dirt of the job is the most important measure you can take to protect yourself and your co-workers. When the Read more about Showers, cross-contamination and your safety[…]

What is the Connelly Act? The asbestos notification rule.

The Connelly Act, not to be confused with the Connally Act,  was established by AB 3713 of 1988 and it is also known as the Asbestos Notification Rule.  AB3713 implemented California Health & Safety Code Section 25915 which requires building owners to disclose to employee’s the existence of ACM in their buildings to the occupants Read more about What is the Connelly Act? The asbestos notification rule.[…]