404 – The RipCord of Risk

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404 - The RipCord of Risk

Welcome To The Risk Control Show 404 – The RipCord of Risk There’s a RipCord in risk.  It is spun by three strands of solid risk management principles.  Break the principles and the ripcord unravels and spells destruction.  Today, Steve discusses the ripcord with modern examples including the pepper-spraying of a 9-year-old girl, the possible Read more about 404 – The RipCord of Risk[…]

COVID Reality – Stop watching the news

If there is one thing that is certain, the Media knows how to confuse and create havoc among the people.  In this Post-COVID world, media and so-called experts are still swinging back and forth faster than a metronome. I only have one piece of advice for you – stop watching the news. Recently I was Read more about COVID Reality – Stop watching the news[…]

The 2nd Wave – What are you doing?

The 2nd wave is here.  COVID now has us on the floor and crushing us with all its weight.  America and specifically California are unprepared.  Why is the question?  It is quite disappointing to see our government fail on so many levels.  When the 1st wave struck, the level of preparedness was unthinkable.  Preppers were Read more about The 2nd Wave – What are you doing?[…]

COVID is not a Black Swan event

Who could have predicted COVID?  Just about any risk manager worth their salt.  The producers of the movie Contagion in 2011 did an outstanding job of foreshadowing the events that are unfolding today.  So, why are we clambering to call this a black swan?  Simple, it provides a scapegoat for system-wide failures. If there is Read more about COVID is not a Black Swan event[…]

Not another failed respirator manufacturer

In the midst of all this COVID, respirators are all the rage. Unfortunately, not many people truly understand the respirator. First things first. You can’t wear it with a beard. I keep seeing bearded men walking around grocery stores with respirators. Sorry, it doesn’t work. Advertisers are coming up with hot tactical releases that show Read more about Not another failed respirator manufacturer[…]

Phase III is here – Safe At Work

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Phase III which is the return to the office.  The good news is that May 15th is drawing near and many of us are excited to get into the office.  The better news is that we as risk managers, get to showcase our knowledge and level of Read more about Phase III is here – Safe At Work[…]

COVID – The Age of Reckoning

If you haven’t heard of COVID, then chances are you were on a thru-hike and just returned, but even that is a stretch.  There are a lot of questions being asked by the media, politicians and public agencies alike. Answers and recommendations to those questions are plentiful.  Most of the questions revolve around predictions, normalcy Read more about COVID – The Age of Reckoning[…]

COVID about to violate GINA , HIPPA and possibly ADA

Big tech is great until it is not.  Apple and Google are on the verge of breaking loose contact tracking as part of their operating systems and via apps.  This is wonderful if you don’t mind your privacy being invaded, violated and your safety being put at risk.  Frenzy, panic, and overreactions are the norms Read more about COVID about to violate GINA , HIPPA and possibly ADA[…]

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