Using WiFi to See Through Walls Challenges Privacy

Watch this video as Matt and I discuss the ramifications of this WiFi development and why it is crucial to always stay on top of technology to protect your people.   We might soon be able to practically “see” through walls—but is that a good thing? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a way to Read more about Using WiFi to See Through Walls Challenges Privacy[…]

Brett Kavanaugh, Crime, Misconduct and other transgressions

As famous photographers say, “sit down and just wait.  Something interesting will happen.”  The same holds true in risk management.  And the lesson from Brett Kavanaugh is a big one and as Winston Churchill quipped “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Listen to our podcast on this topic as we go deeper and Read more about Brett Kavanaugh, Crime, Misconduct and other transgressions[…]

Two must-have words when issuing rewards

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so when it comes to issuing rewards, there are two must-have words that should preceed the reward amount.  They are “Up To”. All too often crime reporting hotlines offer a standard $5,000 reward.  The problem is that 20 people call in tips and now you have to payout $100,000 when Read more about Two must-have words when issuing rewards[…]

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

With the increase in shootings on school campuses in the last few weeks, many school administrators are scrambling to figure out what to do.  We have always suggested starting with audits.  Audits are a great way to determine where you need to focus your effort.  They are the gap analysis or needs assessment tool of Read more about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design[…]

What is the the Cleary Act?

The Cleary Act is a Subsection of United States Code that requires certain crime and security statistics to be published about Colleges and Universities by the College or University themselves. This Act was developed in response to the murder of Jeanne Cleary by Jeanne’s parents. Interestingly, the Act was originally signed into law in 1990 Read more about What is the the Cleary Act?[…]