How to Do Ergonomics Right

It’s the program everyone loves to hate. It takes a lot of work, and the benefits aren’t always clear. I am speaking about ergonomics, the science of fitting the workplace to the individual. Most agencies implement an ergonomics program to benefit their employees and lower worker’s compensation costs. These programs, though, are as piecemeal and Read more about How to Do Ergonomics Right[…]

Creating Trust in Risk Management

I recently encountered a prominent example of the importance of trust in risk management. One of our clients received a legal complaint about an unsafe condition at one of their sites. They asked me to perform an audit. When I arrived at the site, the individual showing me around revealed that they had made the Read more about Creating Trust in Risk Management[…]

Quiet quitting – the new risk for public agencies

If you have been listening to the media, you are fully aware of this new trend called quiet quitting. Quiet quitting is doing only what is required of you at your job and no more. Quiet quitters are only doing the bare minimum. This phenomenon has seemingly increased in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. Read more about Quiet quitting – the new risk for public agencies[…]