Complete leadership failure in safety

Recently, my staff and I have been evaluating some of the toughest schools in California.  When I say tough, I mean dangerous – drugs, guns, knives, and lots of fighting.  In some ways, it reminds me of my days working for the Feds inside America’s Heartland’s jails and prisons.  That’s a shame and another topic Read more about Complete leadership failure in safety[…]

The Visitor Badge

Badges of honor, badges of merit, employee badges, and visitor badges.  I’ve seen them all.   These badges come in all shapes and sizes, which is good. School shootings will never cease.  It is a fact of life: a bad fact, but a fact nonetheless. I want to make something obvious.  I believe that the likelihood Read more about The Visitor Badge[…]

Is your security team prepared to handle anything?

I hate to admit this, but most public agency security teams are ill-prepared to handle their day to day tasks.  From subpar fitness to lack of desire, to lack of policies create more risk thru a false of sense of security for staff and students. The topic of health and fitness is touchy, to say Read more about Is your security team prepared to handle anything?[…]