Learn to Inspect Your Rental Forklift

  Forklifts play a pivotal role in smoothly operating warehouses, construction sites, and various industrial environments. These heavy machines are essential when it comes to moving heavy loads with efficiency. However, we cannot overstate the significance of the proper inspection of forklifts—especially rentals. A thorough inspection is the bedrock of safe and efficient operations, from Read more about Learn to Inspect Your Rental Forklift[…]

Loco Parentis – Don’t Go Beyond the Law

For many years I have been advising schools on the rights governed under loco parentis. In Latin, the term means “in place of a parent.” It is a basic tenet of student and childcare throughout federal and state law. California public schools have many regulations around the safety and security of children under their care. Read more about Loco Parentis – Don’t Go Beyond the Law[…]

The Next Emergency Threat– Nuclear Bombs

  Let’s say we took a look at your standard emergency action plan. We flip through it and look for the different types of emergencies one tends to find in an EAP. For sure, we’ll find fire and earthquake. There should be an active shooter plan in there now. You probably have a newly updated Read more about The Next Emergency Threat– Nuclear Bombs[…]

Calculating ROI in Risk and Safety

  Is safety worth the price? No, this isn’t the start of an article about the immeasurable value of employee health and community safety. This is a dollars and cents conversation and a crucial discussion to have. Money matters, whether you are a private firm looking to maximize profits or a public agency working from Read more about Calculating ROI in Risk and Safety[…]

Using WiFi to See Through Walls Challenges Privacy

Watch this video as Matt and I discuss the ramifications of this WiFi development and why it is crucial to always stay on top of technology to protect your people.   We might soon be able to practically “see” through walls—but is that a good thing? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a way to Read more about Using WiFi to See Through Walls Challenges Privacy[…]

What does RUST teach us about safety

The ongoing saga of the tragic production of the movie Rust recently took another step. On January 19, New Mexico state prosecutors leveled criminal charges in the on-set accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Actor and producer Alec Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed each received two counts of involuntary manslaughter. This is just the Read more about What does RUST teach us about safety[…]

Lunar New Year Mass Shooting

Tell your school to take our Active Shooters Course. Are you a Parent? Take our Active Shooter Course designed for you. It was a horrific weekend in California, with no less than three separate active shooter incidents across three days. The first shooting struck the predominantly Asian-American community of Monterey Park as they celebrated the Read more about Lunar New Year Mass Shooting[…]

Your lack of participation kills us all

I understand why you may not want to participate in an emergency drill. I can see you feeling it’s a bit much between fire and earthquake drills and lockdown events. Perhaps you think the number of drills your school conducts is far more than needed for the risk of that emergency happening. Or, in the Read more about Your lack of participation kills us all[…]

respirator fit testing

The proper fit testing protocols are important

Respirators are the last line of defense. This is something we say about all personal protective equipment, respirators included. What we mean is that if the respirator fails, there is no other defense between that chemical or biological hazard and the health of your people. And you won’t know if your respirators will fail unless Read more about The proper fit testing protocols are important[…]