The Delicate Balance Between Human Health & Sustainability

There is a delicate equilibrium between human health and environmental stewardship. There are more nuances and considerations than meets the eye. Each decision we make, whether in our daily routines or on a broader societal scale, should be given careful consideration. The abundance of sustainable alternatives on the market brings with it a myriad of Read more about The Delicate Balance Between Human Health & Sustainability[…]

New School Lunch Initiatives

The USDA has announced changes to its school lunch nutrition standards. The changes seek to improve children’s health by decreasing salt and sugar intake. There are proposed limits on flavored milk, cereal, grain-based desserts, and yogurt. The USDA also wants to incorporate more whole grains in the meals. According to the CDC, almost 20% of Read more about New School Lunch Initiatives[…]

Navigating Sustainability Challenges

Watch our YouTube video here! Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of sustainability, exploring the multifaceted challenges and valuable benefits of going green. We’ll take you on a journey through various aspects of sustainability, from its role in educational institutions to shedding light on unnecessary inventions that consume energy. Join us as Read more about Navigating Sustainability Challenges[…]

Wastewater Woes

The unique chemical structure and bonding properties of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom enables water to harbor its wondrous, life-sustaining properties. While some animals possess the ability to live without water for 30 years, most organisms on Earth cannot survive more than a few days without it. Humanity often overlooks its power and undervalues Read more about Wastewater Woes[…]