Environmental Effects of Graffiti

Graffiti is not only an eyesore. From cradle to grave, spray paint is an environmental and health hazard. It is an ongoing nuisance and recently, the LA City Council just approved $3.8 million dollars to remove graffiti from two high-rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles County alone erases 30 million square feet of Read more about Environmental Effects of Graffiti[…]

Wastewater Woes

The unique chemical structure and bonding properties of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom enables water to harbor its wondrous, life-sustaining properties. While some animals possess the ability to live without water for 30 years, most organisms on Earth cannot survive more than a few days without it. Humanity often overlooks its power and undervalues Read more about Wastewater Woes[…]

3 Minute Toolbox Thursdays – Hydration

Three Minute Toolbox Thursdays
Three Minute Toolbox Thursdays
3 Minute Toolbox Thursdays - Hydration

In this episode we talk about drinking water. 3 Minute Toolbox Thursdays is a free audio program covering a variety of OSHA related topics. 3MTT is designed to help you comply with OSHA’s requirement of providing a safety talk once every 10 days. We release a new 3MTT every Thursday at 4:30am PST. If you Read more about 3 Minute Toolbox Thursdays – Hydration[…]

What are the temperature requirements for classrooms and restroom water delivery?

Tired of water issues, tell the school to take our course Everyone is always asking if there are temperature requirements for this and that.  Well, yes and no.   Here’s what our research has found: With regard to water in schools, the only requirement that I could find was in Title 22, Div 12, Article 7 Read more about What are the temperature requirements for classrooms and restroom water delivery?[…]