How to Do Ergonomics Right

It’s the program everyone loves to hate. It takes a lot of work, and the benefits aren’t always clear. I am speaking about ergonomics, the science of fitting the workplace to the individual. Most agencies implement an ergonomics program to benefit their employees and lower worker’s compensation costs. These programs, though, are as piecemeal and Read more about How to Do Ergonomics Right[…]

Calculating ROI in Risk and Safety

  Is safety worth the price? No, this isn’t the start of an article about the immeasurable value of employee health and community safety. This is a dollars and cents conversation and a crucial discussion to have. Money matters, whether you are a private firm looking to maximize profits or a public agency working from Read more about Calculating ROI in Risk and Safety[…]

Episode 25 – Worker’s Compensation with Coni Hernandez

The Risk Control Show
Episode 25 - Worker's Compensation with Coni Hernandez

It’s no secret that the only thing in changing in workers compensation is the people filing claims.  Today, I sit down with Coni Hernandez to discuss new ideas and techniques in workers compensation.  She reveals one of the biggest changes in thinking and you are going to be surprised.   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS When to investigate Read more about Episode 25 – Worker’s Compensation with Coni Hernandez[…]