The 2nd Wave – What are you doing?

The 2nd wave is here.  COVID now has us on the floor and crushing us with all its weight.  America and specifically California are unprepared.  Why is the question?  It is quite disappointing to see our government fail on so many levels.  When the 1st wave struck, the level of preparedness was unthinkable.  Preppers were laughing in the face of everyday people.  When the toilet paper crisis struck, people started to see the foresight of preppers.  It harkened back to the days I spent with my grandparents. They were the products of WWII and The Great Depression.  Their basement was stocked.  My aunt was an expert canner and they were constantly stockpiling household goods and foods.

Is it a mindset?

As I grew up I survived several floods where the National Guard had to patrol our neighborhood.  Locking down, curfews, and limited resources are nothing new to me.  And I grew up right here in the United States.  As our Country moved into this pandemic, panic struck not only its citizens but the governemnt alike.  So we went into lockdown to give us time to prep and build up our ability to respond to this outsized PANIC-demic.

Now the 2nd wave strikes… well, not much has changed.  Hospital beds are hitting 95%+ capacity.  Yet many media outlets will mix the stats to make it look better than it is.   Masks ran out for a few days and hand sanitizers seem to be hitting the shelves. Toilet paper is still limited.  But the bigger issue is that we don’t have a vaccine (good luck, we are still working on Valley Fever) and we have reports and research contradicting each other every day.

Why is this?  Why are we so far behind?

The reason is that we are too divided.  We have all fallen to the ideology of self-pride.  We believe that we all know best.  That we can beat the odds.  That the stats don’t matter.  That the law of averages don’t apply.  That we are above the law.  And therefore these stats and viruses won’t happen here or to us.

It’s dangerous thinking in risk management.  But it is much easier to show what you did solve versus preventing a threat that didn’t exist.

What will you do?

What can you do to prepare and get your organization ready to survive?  You can start by taking the virus serious.  Wear your mask. Wash your hands.  Order supplies for your agency and train on your emergency plan.  Get serious about preparedness and prepare accordingly.  It is time to change your beliefs on risk and ensure that you are leading the charge at your agency.

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