The newest threat to security for public entities – Invisibility Cloaks

We have all dreamed of being invisible.  Being able to pull off silly high-school pranks.  Some of us, more nefarious pranks.  The Harry Potter movies, much like Star Trek, built a future for us to live up to.  Technology has rapidly increased and what was once thought impossible is happening every day.  The invisibility cloak has been worked on since 2006 and is finally here in nascent form.

While we won’t go too deep into how the technology works as it is a study in and of itself.  In essence, using technology from cameras’ to control chromatic aberration, a new lens was developed known as a metalens.  This lens uses invisible light such as radiation to allow the light to pass around objects without bending.  This is projected from a metamaterial (the cloak) and received by the metalens.  The technology is fascinating and I am sure that we will see more and more forms and uses of this tech.

What does it mean for security?

While the human eye can currently detect small variances in the cloak and the backgrounds they are against, the development of this technology will soon defeat the human eye and many CCTV cameras.  While high school pranks will be ubiquitous, more nefarious acts (like the invisible man movie) are where our focus should reside.  Active shooters, child molesters and the like are serious threats to the safety of our students.  Technology for detection of these cloaks, heat signatures, and weapons will be of vital importance to our risk management efforts.

In addition, other risks, such as employees sitting in on meetings that they are not to be privy to, theft of passwords, taking cash from the till, and much more will ultimately be the bulk of fires risk managers must put out on a daily basis.

Get ahead of the risk.

The best we can do right now is to follow the technology.   Putting our hands on it and seeing how it works will give us a better understanding of how to use it for good and how to defeat it when used for bad.  It is also important to remember that new technologies are always on the rise.  So, we should keep our eyes and ears on the tech world.

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