Using WiFi to See Through Walls Challenges Privacy

Watch this video as Matt and I discuss the ramifications of this WiFi development and why it is crucial to always stay on top of technology to protect your people.


We might soon be able to practically “see” through walls—but is that a good thing?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a way to use WiFi to locate and track human bodies in a room. What was once only the realm of science fiction appears now at our doorstep as a real and live technology.

The scientists behind this project have attempted to position this as a benefit, in that intruders can be tracked, or elderly people can be monitored for their health. It would also aid law enforcement in locating criminals on the run or preparing for a hostage situation.

But the mind leaps quickly to the more nefarious potential uses of this technology and what it means for privacy. In the field of safety and risk management, we are constantly being challenged by new tech.

Scientists Are Getting Eerily Good at Using WiFi to ‘See’ People Through Walls in Detail

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