Where you get your online safety training matters.

It’s your job as a risk manager to find the appropriate training for your people. In today’s virtual, online world, much of that training is available at the click of a mouse button. While we always advocate for the value of in-person training, we understand that the convenience of online training makes it an invaluable tool for your safety program. Indeed, we offer a whole panoply of online safety courses ourselves at The Dollar Training Club and on Udemy.

One of the distinct advantages of online training is that it can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere. You’re not limited to what is located near you. That simplicity, though, can sometimes lead you to forget what is missing—training specific to you and your staff and what you deal with daily.

Watch our video, where we expand on this critical point.

The Problem With Out-of-State Training

For many years, I worked at a JPA serving school district clients throughout California. I often met with software and learning management system providers to see if we could develop a solution that worked for all of our member districts. And there are a lot of solid systems out there. But most online training falters in one respect—the training isn’t California-based.

This is important because when your employees watch the training, they are looking for approaches to help them do their jobs safely. If the training references federal standards that have little relevance to them, they start to tune out. And that’s a big problem when it comes to safety training, where awareness and knowledge are vital.

California Is Different

Many organizations that build and offer these trainings are based on the East Coast. They don’t understand the unique challenges that we face. They don’t understand the portable situation. California regulations are often different and more strict than those set out by the federal EPA. These companies have never dealt with pesticide regulations here in California. It takes experience in-state to comprehend the particulars and nuances of California safety protocols.

That’s why an organization like ours can make a massive difference for your people. Our training will make sense to them. We show them how to work safely in California in a way that is expressly familiar to them. So get your training where it matters—right here in California.



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