Why you need a radio in temporary traffic control

 Temporary traffic control is a serious issue

Working in traffic can be quite dangerous.  Whenever you make changes to a thorough fare ensuring your safety is a primary concern.  Temporary traffic control typically means that there is some form of construction or maintenance taking place within that zone.  Being able to communicate, especially as a flagger, will not only ensure your safety but the safety of those working in the zone.

How do you communicate

There are many ways to communicate in a temporary traffic control zone; however, Being able to communicate effectively is of vital importance.  Sure hand signals and voice commands work.  But they don’t work well when construction is occurring or if you don’t have line of sight.  Even then making sure that your watching the 2nd flagger and traffic can be an outrageously difficult task.

Watch the video

Matt and I explained some of the challenges with communication in this video.

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